Cambridge Results 2021

We are very proud to announce that we had another excellent round of Cambridge exams at the end of 2021. The results were announced in January 2022.

In this session at the end of 2021, we had a total of 59 candidates for Cambridge exams. Twenty-two students did the Preliminary B1 exam in November. Then in December we had twenty-two students who did the First B2 exam, fourteen, the Advanced C1 exam and one student for the Proficiency C2 exam.

From our group of Preliminary B1 candidates, 50% were awarded a Grade A; 32% Grade B and 18% Grade C.

First B2 candidates scored: 41% Grade A; 41% Grade B, 9% Grade C and another 9% obtain a B1 level.

46% of the Advanced C1 students obtained a Grade A, 46% a Grade B and the other 8% a Grade C.

Finally, in this session we only had one student who did the Proficiency level - Grade B

Congratulations to everyone!!

Cambridge Assessment English prepare graphics which compare Centro Britanico do Alto Minho's results with those from other language schools in Portugal and the world. Here are our results:

                                   Preliminary B1                                                                                            


                                                      FIRST B2


                                                   ADVANCED C1