Este teste tem a finalidade de avaliar o grau de conhecimento da língua. Por isso quando recebermos o seu teste ele será processado pelos nossos serviços para depois lhe indicar o resultado obtido, indicando também qual dos níveis será o mais indicado para si.

#1 Edward is looking for ____.
#2 Who are you ?
#3 Do you like Madonna ?
#4 Have you ever told your father a lie ?
#5 Where ____ on holiday ?
#6 Robert ____ to play rugby tomorrow.
#7 Look at the photo of your mum when
#8 When you see Annabelle, please
#9 Where are the sandwiches?
#10 So, Mr and Mrs Drummond, ____
#11 I do not like going to the dentist. In fact,
#12 What is this dog doing in the house?
#13 George does not like tripas.
#14 I'll speak to Susana,
#15 I want to get a ____
#16 Unless you leave straight away
#17 Do you know my friend Michael? You ____ at my party last year.
#18 There are reports that the government in Bolivia
#19 We would all like ____ that again.
#20 Oh dear, Margaret ____. There could be trouble soon!
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