Christmas campaign 2020

Christmas is always a time of giving and this year CBAM held a campaign to help our furry friends who have sadly, been abandoned. We take our hats off to local shelters and the volunteers who try to save and and take care of our friends with 4 paws  in local shelters until they can be adopted.

 It is important to raise awareness and remember that even if you can’t have a dog, you can always volunteer your time to take them for a walk on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Students and CBAM staff donated food for both cats and dogs.

Cat food was given to Gatos de Ninguem, a shelter in Viana do Castelo and about 10  bags of dog food was donated to  Alaar - Associação Limiana dos Amigos dos Animais de Rua, in Ponte de Lima. This shelter currently has about 150 abandoned dogs to feed along with several cats. The puppies sure were happy to see us!


Mais fotos de Christmas campaign 2020